Three individual dairy breeds were specially selected for their suitability to climactic conditions, and for the volume and quality of their yield. Consisting of a mix of Friesian, Jerseys and Red Australian Illawarras, they combine to provide a milk product of excellent texture, exceptional taste and packed with country goodness.


The majority of our herds (approx 80%), are comprised of Friesians. These large, heavy cows with sharply defined black and white patches are a familiar site along the Australian countryside. Having been bred for some 2,000
years to produce quality milk, the cows average a higher yield than any other breed, along with a relatively low butterfat content.


The smallest of the dairy breeds, the shorthorned Jersey is widely accepted to be the most efficient at converting forage into milk. Originating from the English Channel, the breed is believed to be descendant from French cattle.
Their colour is usually a shade of fawn or cream. The modern Jersey breed is unsurpassed in dairy type.


Red Australian Illawarra short horns are producers of large quantities of milk. Many cows produce more than 40 litres per day. The Illawarra was especially bred to take advantage of the region’s unique climatic conditions but
is now available in other parts of Australia as well as some overseas countries. Because this breed yields milk high in protein but with moderate fat content, it is an acquisition for the needs of ‘health conscious’ consumers.