Farm: Garwarra
Acres: 250
Location: Rawlings Lane, Berry
Milking: 210 Cows
Dairy Bred: 1/3 Holsteins & 2/3 Jersey
Estimated Annual Milk Produced: 1,300,00 Litres

Farm & Family History

Our farm, Garwarra, has a long history in dairy as it was the first dairy farm to supply milk to The Berry Co-op. The Bowley Family has been dairying on Garwarra since 1961 when Col & his wife Kath purchased it. They raised their five children and been long serving members of the Berry Community. Today, Kath along with her sons Brian & Alan along with their families, operate the Garwarra property. Garwarrais situated on the west side of the Berry township between the scenic green fertile flats of Bundewalla & Broughton Mill creeks, backing on to Mt Hay escarpment. The farmover the years has focused on breeding cows to produce milk high in milk components & quality for financial sustainability in dairying for the family farm.