Farm: Wintercrest Holsteins and Jersey Stud
Acres: 200
Location: Harley Hill, Berry
Milking: 130 Cows
Dairy Bred: Holsteins & Jersey
Estimated Annual Milk Produced: 1,000,000 Litres

Farm & Family History

The Cullen Family have been dairy farming in our local region for over four generations.
Peter and his wife Wendy, working as a team, own and operate a dairy farm on the lush rich alluvial Broughton Creek flats of Harley Hill, Berry.
They are dedicated and passionate dairy farmers, who are advocates for preserving the dairy industry for future generations to come: Implementing sustainable farming practices and looking after the environment by reducing their carbon foot print.
Their gentle nature and care for animal health and welfare is evident, resulting in the premium quality milk produced on the farm, from 130 registered and commercial Holstein and Jersey cows.
The husband and wife team are also proud parents to four successful children, with careers ranging from graphic design, animal husbandry, photography and teaching. For generations, the Cullen family have been respected members of the dairying community, winning many ribbons at the local Agricultural shows. Peter and Wendy are proud to be suppliers of South Coast Milk.