Farm: Numbaa Park
Acres: 220
Location: Numbaa, Nowra
Milking: 150 Cows
Dairy Bred: Holsteins
Estimated Annual Milk Produced: 1,000,000 Litres

Farm & Family History

The King Family have been proudly producing quality milk for their award winning Master Breeder Holstein herd since 1945.
A 3rd generation family dairy Numbaa Park, situated on the Numbaa flats of the Shoalhaven, Nowra.
Marie along with her son Stephen and his wife Louise operate Numbaa Park.
The King herd has been raised from cute day old calves to wonderful ladies that give the Kings their unique tasting milk. Their h erd grazes on the lush green ryegrass and kikuyu pastures.
The King Family are currently expanding their herd and refining their sustainable farm practices.