2018 Australian Grand Dairy Finalists
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The South Coast region’s lush green pastures are home to contented cows and devoted farmers. This blissful environment allows our carefully selected cows to consistently produce top quality fresh milk which is bursting with flavour and natural goodness. The expertise and dedication of our farmers, allied with spectacular natural surroundings, also results in exceptional yields from our dairy herds.

Our Herds

Three individual dairy breeds were specially selected for their suitability to climactic conditions, and for the volume and quality of their yield. Consisting of a mix of Friesian, Jerseys and Red Australian Illawarras, they combine to provide a milk product of excellent texture, exceptional taste and packed with country goodness.

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Our Products

Our select range of premium quality products includes traditional full cream, skim and lite milk. We will soon extend our range to include flavoured milk and cheeses.
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About Us

South Coast Dairy, a division of the Berry Rural Cooperative Society Limited is a boutique producer of quality local milk for the South Coast of NSW.

‘The Berry Co-op’ is over 100 years old and was founded in the Berry Central Creamery which was built in 1895, two years after the construction of the railway. We are a small group of dairy farmers proudly continuing a tradition of providing high quality milk for our customers and sustainable farming for our multi-generational co-op families.

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Our Location

South Coast of New South Wales

The spectacular South Coast region is renowned for its gently undulating slopes and lush green pastures – the ideal environment for dairying.

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